Monday, 27 February 2012

KS3 Investigations on TES Resources

I've just been looking for some Probability investigations I can use with my Y7 classes whom I only see once a week, and found a  pretty good set on the TES Resources website.  I think I'll need to revise it a bit as the instructions are a bit wordy for a lot of my kids, but it looks like a nice activity.

I will aim to post up my extra bits and pieces for it here.

You need to be registered on the website to access it, but that's pretty straightforward to do.  Here is the link:

KS3 Maths Investigations

  • Square Rectangles (Area & Perimeter)
  • Pocket Money (Handling Data)
  • Consecutive Numbers (Positive & Negative Numbers)
  • Polyominoes (Compound Shapes)
  • Easy Winnings (Probability)
  • Sequences

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