Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Linear Graphs - Introducing The Gradient and Y-Intercept (without actually mentioning those words)

We've been doing linear graphs with our Year 8 group.  I don't want to make a big thing of being able to draw linear graphs without a table at this stage, but I do want them to notice that the numbers in the equation reappear as features of the line they draw.

My first attempt at this lesson left them a bit lost - I left it too open ended and they didn't really know what they were working towards.  I also didn't have any values in the tables for the equation, and most of them weren't confident enough to come up with their own values.

I've now done a new worksheet on a SMART Notebook file, and exported it to PDF for printing/those of you not using SMARTBoards.  It leads them through the process much more closely so tomorrow I shouldn't be swamped with students who don't get it, and I can focus on the (hopefully) smaller number who need my assistance.

There is actually no mention of the words 'gradient' or 'y-intercept' in the worksheet but I will certainly mention those terms to selected students, and possibly the whole class if they seem happy enough.

Linear graphs - introducing gradient and y-intercept (without actually mentioning those words):
PDF Worksheets | SMART Notebook file

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