Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fruit Machine

Fruit Machine Website

This is a fun way to pick random words from a list.  Though you may want to turn the sound off.  It's quite annoying.

You can use it to randomly choose pupils to ask questions to in class, or to randomly select questions to get them to answer (times tables, perhaps, or question categories so that you might pick questions from a list in your hand).  You can even do both at the same time, by opening it twice in two separate browser windows and resizing them to fit the screen.

Or you could have lots of first halves of questions, and lots of second halves of questions ("What are the multiples/factors of..." etc, and "10", etc).

Or you can just use it to be really really childish...

I'll upload text files I use for this application as and when I make them.  If you have any you'd like to contribute, please copy and paste them into the comments below (sadly you can't save your lists directly to the website).


Sometimes, however, you may find that you're using the projector for something else and so this isn't actually all that practical.  In that case I've just started using an app on my Android phone called Lucky Draw.  It's only downside is that it's basically a raffle, so once a name's been drawn, it won't come out again.

Worked pretty well today though.

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